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  • “科学发展观”英语翻译 
    发布日期:2024-02-21      阅读数:7 次

    科学发展观 Scientific Outlook on Development 例句:科学发展观是坚持以人为本,全面、协调、可持续的发展观。 e.g. The Scientific Outlook on Development means putting people first and aiming at comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. 英语翻译 心译翻译工作室

  • “儿童早期教育”英语翻译 
    发布日期:2024-02-20      阅读数:11 次

    儿童早期教育 early childhood education 例句:教育部发布了有关儿童早起教育的指南,以遏制日益盛行的超前教育行为。 e.g. The Ministry of Education released guidelines on early childhood education, in an effort to curb the growing practice of young children being educated in a way that push...

  • “低碳经济”英语翻译 
    发布日期:2024-02-11      阅读数:21 次

    低碳经济 low-carbon economy 国家发展与改革委员会已证实政府将采取切实行动来发展低碳经济。 The National Development and Reform Commission has confirmed the government will take concrete actions to develop a low-carbon economy. 英语翻译 心译翻译工作室

  • “全球治理体制”英语翻译 
    发布日期:2024-02-09      阅读数:28 次

    全球治理体制 global governance system 例句:中国需努力抓住机遇,妥善应对挑战,以建立一个更加公平的全球治理体制。 China needs to seize the opportunities and cope with the challenges to build a fairer global governance system. 英语翻译 心译翻译工作室

  • “前瞻性基础研究”英语翻译 
    发布日期:2024-02-08      阅读数:31 次

    前瞻性基础研究 pioneering basic research 例句:要瞄准世界科技前沿,强化基础研究,实现前瞻性基础研究、引领性原创成果重大突破。 e.g. We should aim for the frontiers of science and technology, strengthen basic research, and make major breakthroughs in pioneering basic research and groundb...

  • “精准扶贫”英语翻译 
    发布日期:2024-02-07      阅读数:37 次

    精准扶贫 targeted poverty reduction; targeted poverty alleviation 例句:精准扶贫要做到因地制宜。 Targeted poverted reduction should follow local characteristics.  英语翻译 心译翻译工作室

  • “利好因素”英语翻译 
    发布日期:2024-02-06      阅读数:43 次

    利好因素 feel-good factor 例句:这家市场调查公司的总经理说:“这会为英国带来利好因素,但不太可能会让人们对自己的钱袋更有信心。” e.g. It may provide a feel-good factor, but it’s unlikely to make people feel any more confident about their own finances, said the managing director of ...

  • “自主经营,自负盈亏”英语翻译 
    发布日期:2024-02-05      阅读数:33 次

    自主经营,自负盈亏。 make one’s own management decisions and take full responsibility for one’s own profits and losses. 例句:市场经济条件下,企业应该自主经营,自负盈亏,来提高竞争力。 In the market economy, enterprises should make their own management decisions and take fu...

  • “纵向横向经济轴带”英语翻译 
    发布日期:2024-02-04      阅读数:32 次

    纵向横向经济轴带 north-south and east-west intersecting economic belts 例句:要形成沿海沿江线经济带为主的纵向横向经济轴带,培育一批辐射带动力强的城市群和增长极。 e.g. We should form north-south and east-west intersecting economic belts along coastlines, the Yangtze River and major tran...

  • “对内搞活,对外开放”英语翻译 
    发布日期:2024-02-03      阅读数:43 次

    对内搞活,对外开放 revitalize the domestic economy and open up to the outside world 例句:我们的经济改革概况起来就是对内搞活,对外开放。 e.g. Our economic reform can be summarized in two phrases: revitalize the domestic economy and open up to the outside world.  英语翻译 ...



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